Garden Design, Decking


There were 18 Leyland-ii trees surrounding this garden at the rear of a Mid-terrace property, Robbing the soil of all nutrients and the garden of daylight!

The soil was in such poor condition that virtually nothing would grow.

In addition the shed was oversized for the garden, it too robbed the garden of afternoon sun.

Having had the trees removed the garden wasn't a bad size, though it sloped away from the house.

The decision was taken to create a low maintenance Decked area.

The original shed was cut down and re-built at half it's original size, and moved to the other side of the garden. The brick built BBQ was demolished and site cleared ready for the fun to begin.

Pic 2 shows the (Almost) finished decking, with handrail.

Pic 3 and there is just the back gate to be made and installed.

If you look back at pic 1, you'd hardly believe it is the same garden!

Pic 2 Shed roof to re-felt....

Rear gate to be made up.